Episode 9, Appendix 1: An Interview With Fred Giannelli Of Psychic TV

In this episode, Mike interviews Fred Giannelli, formerly of Psychic TV. Fred was a member pf Psychic TV from 1988-1993, and one of the primary people responsible for their acid house sound. Fred is also one of Genesis’ biggest detractors and has a very gritty recollection of his time in the band. We hope you enjoy!

Here’s a YouTube clip of I.C. Water, by Psychic TV:

And here’s a YouTube clip for Fred’s track “Rosebud”:

And a third clip,”Indian Giver” from Fred’s hard acid house 12″ For Charles, under the pseudonym PTV. This was released just before Fred and Genesis’ relationship fell apart:

Here are the links to the Vimeo videos mentioned in the interview. Full disclosure, I have not previewed these.


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